Why Does Provacyl Contain Soy Phytosterols?

Why Does Provacyl Contain Soy Phytosterols?If you read the ingredients of Provacyl, you will see that this male supplement contains soy phytosterols complex.  Soy phytosterols are most commonly used as a natural treatment for high cholesterol. But, these plant components have numerous benefits for the male health system – including boosting testosterone levels.


What are Phytosterols?

Phytosterols are a type of steroid which is naturally found in plants.  Even though they are steroids, their structure more closely resembles that of cholesterol.  Over the past several years, phytosterols have gained a lot of attention because they have been proven to lower cholesterol.   Three of the most important health agencies – the FDA, Health Canada, and the European Foods Safety Authority – all have issued statements that phytosterols can help lower blood cholesterol.   The way that phytosterols help lower cholesterol is by blocking cholesterol absorption.


Because of the cholesterol-reducing properties of phytosterols, they have many health benefits, particularly  reduced risk of heart disease.  However, studies show that the health benefits of phytosterols go well beyond just its impact on cholesterol.  That is why these plant-based steroids have been included in Provacyl.


Phytosterols for Increasing Testosterone

Why Does Provacyl Contain Soy Phytosterols?In 1998, an interesting study on phytosterols showed that they could help increase testosterone levels naturally.  The study was called “Phytosterol feeding induces alteration in testosterone metabolism in rat tissues” and can be found in the archives of the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry.  This study showed that phytosterols inhibit the way that testosterone is metabolized (broken down by the body).  Thus, phytosterols cause more testosterone to be kept available in the body.  Further studies, including human clinical studies, support the fact that the phytosterols in Provacyl can help increase testosterone levels.


While the phytosterols in Provacyl will not directly increase your testosterone levels, they will help you take advantage of the testosterone you are already producing.  It is the other ingredients in Provacyl – such as amino acids and tongkat ali – which directly increase your body’s production of testosterone.  Without the phytosterols in Provacyl, a lot of this testosterone would be broken down.  Thanks to the phytosterols, Provacyl produces better results without having to increase dosage amount of the other ingredients.  That is how Provacyl can keep its price low without sacrificing quality or speedy results.


Other Benefits of Phytosterols

Even though Provacyl is mainly taken as a male supplement for fighting “male menopause” (such as symptoms like weight gain and low libido), it also has numerous other health benefits.  Just the phytosterols in Provacyl alone have numerous important benefits.  Firstly, the phytosterols in Provacyl have been proven to improve the appearance of your skin because it prevents the breakdown of collagen (see study published in The International Journal of Cosmetic Science, 2009;31(3):241).


The phytosterols in Provacyl have also been proven to help prevent cancers.  While the exact mechanism in how phytosterols prevent cancer is unknown, studies do show that the plant steroids stop cancer cells from forming and can even kill existing cancer cells.  It is theorized that the high antioxidant levels in phytosterols is responsible for this (see the study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, July 2009).

Why Does Provacyl Contain Soy Phytosterols?

Provacyl contains an impressive 25mg of phytosterols in every dosage.  When you combine them with the other Provacyl ingredients, you get a very potent male