How to Get the Most Out of Your Male Supplement

How to Get the Most Out of Your Male SupplementMost men taking male supplements don’t bother consulting with their doctors first.  After all, male supplements are available over-the-counter and considered safe for the masses to use.  But, because most men don’t seek counsel before taking their supplements, they often don’t understand how to take them to get the best results.  Provacyl is one of the leading male supplements so we will use it as an example of how to maximize the results you get from your supplement.


Consistency is Key

Male supplements like Provacyl are generally considered very safe to use.  Because of this, you get a lot of leeway in how you take it.  If you forget to take it one day, it isn’t going to be a big deal.  The same applies if you were to take Provacyl in the morning one day and in the evening the next day.  However, if you want the best results from Provacyl, then you will need to take the pills every day and at the same times every day.


By keeping your body on a regular schedule, you will reduce stress levels – your body gets stressed whenever you alter your biorhythm, such as by eating at a different time.  If your body gets used to having its dose of Provacyl at a certain time and then doesn’t get it, you will become stressed and this can impair your HGH and testosterone function.


Provacyl on an EMPTY Stomach

You can take Provacyl with food and it will not cause any adverse effects.  However, taking this male supplement with food can impair its absorption so you don’t get maximum results.  Always take Provacyl on an empty stomach, preferably at least an hour before or after meals.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Male Supplement

The Best Time to take HGH and Testosterone Releasers

Your body makes the most HGH and testosterone while you sleep.  If you want to maximize this production, then you should take Provacyl before going to bed.   If you workout, then you may want to time your Provacyl dosage a bit differently.  Exercise causes your body to naturally increase testosterone and HGH production.  By taking Provacyl about 45 minutes before your workout, you can provide your body with the nutrients it needs to maximize HGH and testosterone production during the workout.  Note that one dosage of Provacyl is two pills.  Many men find it agreeable to take one pill before their workout and the second pill before going to bed.  On non-workout days, then you could just take both pills before going to bed.