No one likes getting older: your skin wrinkles, your sexual performance fails, you gain weight, you lack energy… and this is just the start.  The reason that these changes occur is because our bodies produce less of our critical hormones.  In men, these hormones are human growth hormone (HGH) and testosterone.  Luckily, it just takes a supplement to get your hormones back in balance.


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By the time that they are in their mid 40s, men are only producing about ¼ of the testosterone and HGH as they did in their 20s.  This drop in hormones causes symptoms like impotence, bad moods, weight gain, troubles sleeping, forgetfulness, and low energy.  The condition has been dubbed Andropause, or “male menopause.”  There is one key difference between Andropause and menopause though.  Menopause usually comes on all at once.  With Andropause, the drop in hormone levels is very gradual and men may not notice drastic changes all at once.  Because of this, few men receive the treatment they need to stall or reverse male menopause.


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Provacyl is a powerful supplement which is designed to boost testosterone and HGH.  It is marketed as a treatment for Andropause but the supplement is much more than this.  The combination of amino acids, natural herbs, and HGH releasers all work together so your pituitary gland gets into gear.  Even young men can take Provacyl and will see great results like more energy, better results from workouts, and sleeping easier. For middle age and older men though, Provacyl can really do wonders. After about 2 weeks of taking the supplement, you should notice results like stronger hair and more energy.  By 4-6 weeks, the full benefits of Provacyl kick in.  The longer you take Provacyl, the better the results become because your health improves on a daily basis.


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Provacyl isn’t the only treatment for male menopause; you also have HGH injections and testosterone supplements.  The problem with the first option is that it is very expensive at about $1,000 per month.  Testosterone supplements are very risky and linked to problems like prostate cancer. You can also find other supplements which release HGH or boost testosterone.  Provacyl stands out from all the other male menopause treatments because only it is formulated to boost both testosterone and HGH.


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Provacyl isn’t a miracle cure; it is a safe, effective supplement which works with your body.  The amino acids, herbs and HGH releasers lay a foundation for your body to produce more of its vital hormones.  Once your body is receiving all the nutrients it needs to function at optimal level, your natural testosterone and HGH levels will rise to optimal levels.  It takes time to get results with Provacyl.  But, once you feel the results, you aren’t going to want to give up this potent male supplement!


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